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Daniel Vaughn
Reviewed on 2017-01-03
I found Sean to be extremely helpful, professional, and knowledgeable. I was in a bind; while studying for the Bar my cat threw up on my MacBook Pro and fried the keyboard (I forgot to mention it was the day before New Year's Eve); most stores I called were either closing early or already closed for the holiday and wouldn't even get to my machine to diagnose it until after the New Year. Sean allowed me to come to his shop that evening; and, he started developing a quick action plan while I was speaking with him during our initial conversation--and executed it flawlessly. I really feel like he went up and above the call of duty and I would have not gotten such specialized service had I gone to a big box store, or even an after market repair shop. I should also mentioned that he warrantied the repair and has responded to a few text messages I've sent after the repair; service after sale is a lost art these days! Great experience all around. Before going elsewhere, you would be well served to speak with Sean first!

Dragon Bitz
Reviewed on 2016-12-31
This guy hit the three A's. ability, affability and availability. Price is great too. My previously quiet computer was making tons of noise. He fixed it fast and now it runs silent again. Thanks Sean!

Justin Kalman
Reviewed on 2016-12-29

Katie Nelson
Reviewed on 2016-11-15
Sean T. Custom PC is the best! I'm a repeat customer and experience quality service every single time. Sean is quick to respond and had a solution for me both times. I lost a significant amount of data and Sean was able to restore all of it in less than 24 hours. His services are also affordable. I highly recommend Sean for the job. He is responsive trustworthy, knowledgeable and efficient.

Anna Schink
Reviewed on 2016-11-15
My Macbook Pro (2010 model) has been on its way out for a while, but it totally crashed in the middle of a work project with a tight deadline. Sean was able to take a look at my computer and restore the data the same day. His rate was more than affordable considering the amount and complete integrity of data he recovered as well as the extra work and stress I was able to avoid. At every step of the process, he was straightforward, professional, and informative. He provided options for data storage and recovery and computer repair and replacement. I don't know much about computers and worried this would be a stressful and expensive process, but I couldn't have asked for a better experience at such a critical time. I would recommend Sean to anyone in need of IT services.

Joni C.
Reviewed on 2016-10-19
Sean was very professional and made sure everything was done right . I would highly recommend him for any computer needs you may have . He is definitely our go to computer guy .

Patricia B.
Reviewed on 2016-10-10
Sean replaced the broken screen on my Laptop for me and I'm extremely pleased with the work. Not only was it done swiftly, less than a day turnaround, but was also very cost effective. Less than a third of what others were trying to charge. Will definably return in the future should issues arise with my laptop or desktop. Couldn't recommend him enough.

Matthew Smith
Reviewed on 2016-09-27
Sean was prompt and on time - he was able to fix my wiring issue while talking through several problem areas that I may have had and the appropriate fixes. A very positive experience.

Anita S.
Reviewed on 2016-08-17
Very professional, honest, very through and timely, he knew his stuff!

Peter W.
Reviewed on 2016-08-15
Sean fixed my daughters Mac book from water damage. He was prompt, professional and resonably priced. I would recommend him to anyone considering this type of service.

Mia W.
Reviewed on 2016-08-11
Very professional, will definitely use him again and recommend him to friends a family.

Luis Espinoza
Reviewed on 2016-08-01
I gave Sean the parts for my custom pc. He had my whole set up built in 24 hours! The whole process was easy and problem free.

Fred Berger
Reviewed on 2016-05-23
Very quick, reasonably priced, and just an overall great experience. Would definitely go to him with any future problems.

Joshua R.
Reviewed on 2016-05-16

Joshua Roth
Reviewed on 2016-05-16
Sean T was very professional. He quoted a fair price and was able to complete the work to the utmost standards in a fraction of the time others quoted. He was also very honest. We initially ordered a trackpad replacement part for my computer based on the issues I was having, but he was able to resolve my issues without needing the trackpad and did not charge me for it. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of PC/Mac/IT services

Amber M.
Reviewed on 2016-05-13
Very professional, knowledgeable in his field of work. I would highly recommend him. In addition, he is willing to drive to the customers home, which was awesome for me... Both my laptops are working great... :)

Tony Tate
Reviewed on 2016-05-13
Fast service, reasonable pricing. Very satisfied with his work.

Amit K.
Reviewed on 2016-05-11

Amit Khare
Reviewed on 2016-05-10
Sean fixed my gaming laptop heating issue and made it brand new. On top he did that in just a few hours saving me a lot of time. Would definitely recommend him.

Landon Caldwell
Reviewed on 2016-05-08
Can't even begin to describe how helpful Sean has been. After dealing with a string of corporate minions wanting to charge me an arm and a leg and then some just to diagnose the computer, I found Sean T. Custom PC, and in my neighborhood none the less! His fair prices and honesty are such a breath of fresh air in a trade overrun with technicians who care only about getting your money. I will be using his services from here on out and I highly recommend him to everyone.

Mack B.
Reviewed on 2016-05-06
Sean made everything really easy, was polite and professional. Would definitely go to him with computer problems before going to any big box store.

David R.
Reviewed on 2016-05-06
Sean examined my pc determined the exact problems replaced the parts and cleaned up the pc and now it runs great. I would recommend him to everyone, very knowledgeable, courteous and professional.

Samuel M.
Reviewed on 2016-05-01
We had 2 laptops to get fixed, a 2014 hp and a 2012 Macbook Pro. They were tremendously slow, had tried other places but never got the results I expected. But with Sean, every little detail, from initial contact to payment went smoother than I have ever experienced before. Sean is very professional, timely, flexible and a man of his word. The laptop are running better than I can honestly remember after 24 hrs only, and I will in fact be following through with a recommendation made from this first visit to improve the Macbook! Highly recommend Sean, as he will definitely be my go-to computer 'doctor' from now on!

Doc M.
Reviewed on 2016-04-22
Honest, knowledgeable and efficient. Very little room for improvement. He is the one to call for networking issues.

Ty C.
Reviewed on 2016-04-22
The job went smooth and I've now hope to keep him as my computer guy.

Anisa B.
Reviewed on 2016-04-19

David Yancey
Reviewed on 2016-04-18
Quick design and quote followed up with a well built machine surpassing my hopes. Sean is easy to communicate with and was very professional. I would recommend him to anyone.

Jonee P.
Reviewed on 2016-04-06
Basically brought my laptop in with what I thought was an irrepairable DC jack. Sean was able to fix the dc jack and get my computer back to me within 24 hours. Plus he delivered. Excellent service!

David Stiles
Reviewed on 2016-04-02
Sean did a custom build. Reviewed my components and gave several suggestions. Has answered all questions directed to him. Very satisfied with the build. Would highly recommend Sean for custom builds.

Captain Kent
Reviewed on 2016-03-25
Sean re-installed win7 and optimized my gaming pc in a very short period of time. It was short notice and he got me in the same day. Drop off 7pm; pickup 2pm next day. That's fast! And then I go and screw things up while playing with the bios. Sean was unavailable for a few days, but once he was available he jumped right on it and started working. He then proceeded to work on my pc, via remote access, for quite some time getting things back in order. Truely, above and beyond good service! Recommended for all levels of pc users, from your grandma's to the extreme pc gamer.

Tyler Tierney
Reviewed on 2016-03-24
Professional, courteous, and quick with repairs. Solid performance and would recommend to a friend. GG

Jessica H.
Reviewed on 2016-03-14
Sean was helpful, professional, and speedy! He discussed the issues with me, and scheduled service quickly. He picked up and returned my machine, which was even more helpful. He also followed up the next week. Thanks, Sean!

Andrew M.
Reviewed on 2016-03-11
Sean diagnosed and fixed an overheating MacBook Pro for me. He was fast, professional, and reasonably priced. He also recommended future upgrades and provided other advice. I highly recommend Sean Tichenor.

Andrew McLaughlin
Reviewed on 2016-03-11
Outstanding service. Fast, reliable, professional, reasonably priced. Highly recommend.

Akbar E.
Reviewed on 2016-03-05
Replace headphone board on laptop.

Cindy W.
Reviewed on 2016-03-02

Justin H.
Reviewed on 2016-02-16

Mark B.
Reviewed on 2016-02-12
Sean was very prompt, knowledgeable and efficient. The price was very reasonable. We would call Sean again.

Brandon S.
Reviewed on 2016-02-04
I have heard very positive things about Sean's Pc's and i just ordered a bunch of pc parts and i don't know how to build it. How do i get a hold of you?

Saranya G.
Reviewed on 2016-02-01
Sean was very polite, quick and skilled. I am really satisfied with his service and would definitely recommend him to my friends. My laptop's plastic body was damaged and I wanted someone who would respond quickly and fix the dent ASAP. Then I got a suggestion from Thumstack asking if I want to consider Sean for fixing the issue. I was glad to see so many good reviews about him and I didn't wait to contact him. He responded much sooner than I thought and he asked me to explain the problem with a picture of the damage. After giving many options of what can be done, he then ordered a reasonably priced, used hinge cover for my laptop and replaced it when I went to his service center in just 30 mins. He gave me ideas to get it done at a low cost and provided a satisfactory service. Now I know whom to reach out to when my laptop needs help. Thanks Sean. It was nice to meet you :-).

Edward Hefley
Reviewed on 2016-02-01
Great service, fair rates, timely, and a very knowlegeable technician. Highly recommended.

Don D.
Reviewed on 2016-01-29

Rodney A.
Reviewed on 2016-01-29
Sean was very knowledgeable about the troubles i had with my PC. I was satisfied with the repair and upgrade that he did in a timely matter and at a fair price. I will be going to him with all my computer needs from now on.

Christina Brown
Reviewed on 2016-01-19
Sean tuned up my laptop and my boyfriend's PC, and had the services done in a flash. He was very professional and courteous, and very quick to respond (he kept in touch by texting my boyfriend) and schedule a drop and pickup. He helped us both out by getting us some free programs to help keep them running smoothly. Both of our computers run great now, have no more viruses, and this was all done in less than a day! Very reasonable pricing as well. I would highly recommend him for your computer service needs!

Darin W.
Reviewed on 2016-01-13
Excellent turn around! Sean was great for what my PC needed and I have already suggested him to friends!

Henry C.
Reviewed on 2016-01-11
Knowledgeable and fair pricing. Took time to answer questions. Got problems solved and plan additional work shortly

Katherine C.
Reviewed on 2016-01-08
He didn't tell me until AFTER I had already paid upwards of $100 for a repair that my repair tended to be inadvisable to perform and that my computer would remain fragile, and that to me feels like I've been scammed. I would have liked that information up front.

Charles H.
Reviewed on 2016-01-08
Hi yes I had a great experience with Sean T. Customs repair PC He was very polite and most of all very experienced. He told me what was wrong with in eight hours. And the cost was very reasonable . I recommend his services to anyone , Charles F. Harris Noblesville Indiana

Marcus D.
Reviewed on 2016-01-02
Sean was great to work with. He provided exactly the services I needed at a good price. He explained the situation and resolution in easy to understand terms. I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends or family.

David M.
Reviewed on 2015-12-17
Straightforward evaluation of my problem with a slow older MacBook. Price was appropriate for the work done. Very quick turnaround - Very satisfied.

Reviewed on 2015-12-05
Sean did an excellent job on getting our data recovered. He also explained the process so we could understand everything and kept us up to date throughout the process. Very professional.

Lee S.
Reviewed on 2015-12-04
I had a great experience with Sean. I would recommend him to anyone needing tech services.

Maziar Aboualizadeh Behbahani
Reviewed on 2015-11-18
I had a Macbook Air 2012 (my professor's laptop) with a broken monitor (the issue was horizontal black lines on it). Send its picture to him then he advice and ordered the part. I've pay that online and as he get the part, we schedule a time and I bring laptop to him. The service was awesome, and pretty fast. He replace the whole monitor and tested that and I've paid him after test. He was a very nice and trustable man and I really love this service. ----------------------------- My Dell laptop was died (something was wrong with GPU) and here repaired that very good. It was a miracle to fix that without replacing the motherboard. So just believe in Sean. He is Awesome. ----------------------------- If you need some service which is covered by him, don't hesitate to call or text him. He is awesome!

Ed W.
Reviewed on 2015-11-17
My experience with Sean T. was almost exactly identical to that of Tami C, below. Down to every detail. I too highly recommend Sean for any of your computer needs. After my external hard drive crashed on me, I thought that I had lost years and years of important data and photo memories that I had failed to back up. I immediately went on the search for a data recovery specialist. Sean responded to my Thumbtack within minutes. He put me at ease and gave me hope without setting me up to be disappointed if recovery was not an option. He started at work on my HD minutes after I arrived with my computer. Sean would text me during each step in the diagnostics as well as during the recovery process. He gave me detail descriptions and quoted very accurate prices for the complete recovery, parts and labor. Sean was able to retrieve each image [and all my important business data].from my old HD and restore everything onto a new more reliable HD." He followed up with me immediately to inquire if my new equipment was working properly and if I had any questions about the setup of my new hard drive. He was also very flexible in offering payment terms as this was an expense i was totally unprepared for, although quite fairly priced. Again, I highly recommend Sean for your entire computer needs.

Kassidy Loehmer
Reviewed on 2015-11-13
I had a great experience! He was very reliable and knowledgeable. Great pricing and a timely manner. I would definitely recommend him.

Dan M.
Reviewed on 2015-11-02
Very profesional and delivered what he promised...

Katie M.
Reviewed on 2015-10-25

Jimmie O.
Reviewed on 2015-10-23
Great service - completed quickly and professionally.

Danny B.
Reviewed on 2015-10-21
The hard drive crashed and he replaced it and was able to receive most of my stuff off my old hard drive.He was also very quick at getting it fixed.I had it back the next day.

John M.
Reviewed on 2015-10-18
Sean knocked it out of the park. He fixed my problem, did a great job communicating what the issue was, and was very professional. I will definitely go back if I have another issue in the future.

Adam N
Reviewed on 2015-10-14
Outstanding--Sean fixed my computer in a matter of hours, and at totally reasonable rates. Best customer service I've ever had from a computer repair shop. I'll absolutely recommend Sean to anyone who needs computer work done. Thanks Sean!

Rene Anthony
Reviewed on 2015-10-14
Have only known Sean for about a year or so but he is seriously the only person I would trust with PC issues. Incredible service and great price. Highly recommended.

Tong W.
Reviewed on 2015-10-09

Dave S.
Reviewed on 2015-10-08
Sean was very helpful and was able to quickly make the necessare fixes to my computer.

Carissa L.
Reviewed on 2015-10-07
Sean was quick, professional, and trustworthy. He replaced my Macbook Pro retina display. He offered multiple options for what I could do to fix it. Will definitely recommend him to my friends and colleagues for other computer repairs.

Brooke Linder
Reviewed on 2015-10-06
Sean was super awesome, and crazy quick, at getting my router to connect to my modem via remote control assistance. 10/10 would recommend to anyone that wants fast, accurate, and dependable service.

Claudio R.
Reviewed on 2015-10-03
Delivered as promised, now working on a long term project with him.

Mark Stephens
Reviewed on 2015-10-02
I will never hire another! He is the GURU and KING of networking/computers. He provides a professional service with top notch quality at a reasonable rate. Sean has won my business over and gladly will recommend him to anyone needing computer work!

Dawn S.
Reviewed on 2015-09-26
Everything was perfect. Quick response, easy to talk to, very professional and definitely willing to go the extra mile. I'm from the old school excellent customer service days and its so refreshing to know it still exists!

Gilbert D.
Reviewed on 2015-09-19

Ruel W.
Reviewed on 2015-09-09

John K.
Reviewed on 2015-09-09
Great response, proper diagnosis, and good options for repair. Very happy with the results on my laptop and the fair cost!

BB Bawihrin
Reviewed on 2015-09-08
Great guy, took my MacBook in that needed to have the screen replaced due to a HUGE crack, came back to pick it up an hour later (quicker then expected!) and was very pleased with it the service. I also had a mishap with payment but he took care of it right away!

Stephen S.
Reviewed on 2015-09-07
Help my son reboot his computer and was very close at hand. Including after the service help.

Sean Davis
Reviewed on 2015-09-03
We had a custom rig built by Sean. He was prompt on sending me a build design, ordering parts when the design was built, and assembling the computer. Total turn around time from payment to pick up was 7 days. We are very happy, and if I can get my wife into gaming, we'll definitely use him for her computer, and if not, I'm already looking at upgrades!

Tony Woodside
Reviewed on 2015-09-01
I have used Sean T. Custom PC for 2 of my computers and have received excellent service and results both times.

Brian K.
Reviewed on 2015-08-30
Data Recovery at its best! Thanks Sean T for helping me out. I would suggest him to anyone of my friends. or everyone else that would have issues with their external hard drive!!

Leslie C.
Reviewed on 2015-08-20
He responded quickly and was able to perform work onsite on a Sunday. He was very competent and easy to work with.

Polk-King M.
Reviewed on 2015-08-19
Exceptional Service. Sean diagnosed the problem with my computer in approximately an hour. He ordered the part and had it fixed the SAME DAY. He is very professional. Outstanding service!!!!! Price was very reasonable. Quality service at a very reasonable price! Sean Rocks!!!!

Pete S.
Reviewed on 2015-08-12
Sean worked quickly and efficiently to diagnose the issue with my external hard drive and flawlessly copied all the data to a brand new drive in less than 24 hours. Thank you!

April S.
Reviewed on 2015-08-11
Sean was very knowledgeable and courteous. He took the time to go over the options I could take for this repair and was very forthcoming as to whether a repair would be worth it or not. I appreciated the time he took to explain and answer all my questions. Very timely and affordable as well.

Richard R.
Reviewed on 2015-08-09
Sean made accommodations for me to drop my pc off late in the evening because I work nights. Within an hour he had the work done and I had picked up my pc up. Very professional work and courteous service. I would recommend him to anyone wholeheartedly.

Traci L.
Reviewed on 2015-08-07

Joshua C.
Reviewed on 2015-07-31
Sean was very helpful in providing a free diagnosis of my external hard drive, and in recommending options for resolving the problem. Highly recommend doing business with Sean.

Paul Schafer
Reviewed on 2015-07-29
Had a pretty no-frills custom PC built by Sean--he got it done quick, at a reasonable price, and 6 months on it's still working great. I'd recommend him to anyone!

Staci F.
Reviewed on 2015-07-25
Fast work, fixed the problem, and reasonable rate. Had my laptop back in one day!

Brynn Whalen
Reviewed on 2015-07-25
Sean is an absolutely fantastic professional. He provided excellent in-home service building and setting up my PC, and went above an beyond with explanations and helpful recommendations.Couldn't be happier with the results and highly recommend him to anyone in need of computer services.

Abc Indianapolis
Reviewed on 2015-07-23
As a company that relies very heavily on computers and electronics finding Sean was an absolute blessing. We had used two different companies and neither one was anywhere near as experienced, professional and timely as Sean. Do me - and yourself - a favor and contact him just once and experience a level of professionalism and dedication to his craft that I personally have never experienced before. He has helped us out on multiple projects and has always been able to deliver and in a timely fashion.

Kim H.
Reviewed on 2015-07-20
Sean replaced a LCD screen and did a system tune up on my daughter's HP laptop. He was timely in responding to my requests, saved me money on parts, and turned the job around within 24 hours!!! I would highly recommend his services and will be having him do some work on my MacBook very soon...

Kristin D.
Reviewed on 2015-07-20
Sean did a great job fixing our computer. His turn-around time was exceptional and he even delivered the computer when it was completed. I am definitely impressed.

Judy C.
Reviewed on 2015-07-17
Thorough, flexible time-wise, and quickly completed. I was very satisfied with the service.

Murtadha A.
Reviewed on 2015-07-04

Latonya Turner
Reviewed on 2015-07-03
Sean was extremely professional. He immediately identified the problem with my external drive and assured me that all hope was not lost. He communicated with me at each step of the process to let me know how things were going which I really appreciated. When I picked up my new external drive with the retrieved data from my old hard drive, Sean took the time to explain exactly what he did and even showed me my old external hard drive. He is awesome!!! If I have any other hard drive issue (hopefully I won't), I won't hesitate to contact Sean for help.

Cynthia H.
Reviewed on 2015-07-02

Reviewed on 2015-06-15
I have used Sean twice now. Both times I have received excellent service. One was a minor issue, the other one was a full custom build for me. Wow! I cannot tell you how easy he makes it. I highly recommend Sean to anyone who needs anything pc related. He can for sure take care of it!!!

Steve F.
Reviewed on 2015-06-14
Gave all the details I needed and responded very quickly.

Jose O.
Reviewed on 2015-06-14
Sean was awesome! i dropped my PC off on Friday and he had it ready for me the next day. He also kept me updated via text and let me know what issues he had found and what it would cost if i wanted to repair it. I was very happy to finally be able to use my PC again. I will definitely go to Sean for any future problems! 10/10

Jonathan K.
Reviewed on 2015-06-10
Sean was punctual and professional. He gave me regular status reports and multiple options and levels of repair. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for computer repair.

Tami C.
Reviewed on 2015-06-03
I highly recommend Sean for any of your computer needs. After my external hard drive crashed on me, I thought that I had lost years and years of my pictures that I had failed to back up. I immediately went on the search for a data recovery specialist. Sean responded to my Thumbtack within seconds. He helped me feel as ease and hopeful without setting me up to be disappointed if recovery was not an option. He started at work on my HD within hours of our initial conversation. Sean would text me during each step in the diagnostics as well as during the recovery process. He gave me detail descriptions and quoted very accurate prices for the complete recovery, parts and labor. Sean was able to retrieve each image from my old HD and restore the pictures onto a new more reliable HD. Sean also took the extra time to recommend a good back up solution to preserve my cherished memories and important documents. Sean is very knowledgeable and extremely professional in every step of the experience from drop off to pick up and beyond. He followed up with me immediately to inquire if my new equipment was working properly and if I had any questions about the setup of my new hard drive. Again, I highly recommend Sean for your entire computer needs. He truly saved and rescued my prized images. I will be forever be grateful for that.

Tami Campbell
Reviewed on 2015-06-03
I highly recommend Sean for any of your computer needs. After my external hard drive crashed on me, I thought that I had lost years and years of my pictures that I had failed to back up. I immediately went on the search for a data recovery specialist. Sean responded to my Thumbtack within seconds. He helped me feel at ease and hopeful without setting me up to be disappointed if recovery was not an option. He started at work on my HD within hours of our initial conversation. Sean would text me during each step in the diagnostics as well as during the recovery process. He gave me detail descriptions and quoted very accurate prices for the complete recovery, parts and labor. Sean was able to retrieve each image from my old HD and restore the pictures onto a new more reliable HD. Sean also took the extra time to recommend a good back up solution to preserve my cherished memories and important documents. Sean is very knowledgeable and extremely professional in every step of the experience from drop off to pick up and beyond. He followed up with me immediately to inquire if my new equipment was working properly and if I had any questions about the setup of my new hard drive. Again, I highly recommend Sean for your entire computer needs. He truly saved and rescued my prized images. I will be forever be grateful for that.

Justin O.
Reviewed on 2015-06-02
Sean is awesome. Super helpful, great at what he does, affordable and helped me out in less than 24 hours! My new go-to PC guy.

Venkata Y.
Reviewed on 2015-05-20
Sean Tichenor is very professional at work and reasonable pricing. He has done my laptop LCD repair very satisfactorily. I will surely work with Sean Tichenor in future for my laptop needs. -Venkat

Kristyn C.
Reviewed on 2015-05-15
Sean replaced the graphics card on my computer. He was very helpful and explained what the problem was. I was particularly pleased that I was able to keep my computer while we waited for the part I needed to come in. Once the part arrived Sean was able to fix my computer the same day in just a couple of hours.

Tim P.
Reviewed on 2015-05-15
Great service, accommodating, professional, Thank You!

Bennie V Crowell
Reviewed on 2015-05-06
Sean T. Custom PC did an amazing job with a new system I had purchased, I had bluetooth issues trying to connect to a Klipsch soundbar. He fixed it in a few moments and gave me a desktop icon to switch between the soundbar or a Klipsch PC stereo. He was also able to get a monitor hooked up I couldn't get to work. He shows up on time, is very experienced and courteous. He went into my web browsers and optimized them for speed, cleaned out the junk on my PC, did a complete tuneup of my system and suggested upgrades to make my system faster. The rates are extremely reasonable. In a couple of hours, Sean solved all speed and connectivity issues I called him about plus did a complete tuneup of my system to make it extremely fast and reliable. He also offers remote support when needed. It's one stop shopping having a technician who can completely optimize a system, make you and your devices secure on the internet and leaving me much better off than when I started. The work is top notch and with his advice and suggestions, you wind up getting more than you paid for. I recommend this service to anyone who needs to make their system faster, cleaner and more reliable. Even like in my case where you have a brand new computer.

Kent F.
Reviewed on 2015-05-01
I just found my new go-to-guy for PC tech support. I had Sean inspect my 1st custom PC build and do some tweaks to it. My already super fast PC now runs faster than a rocket ship!! He works fast, knows what he is doing and is fairly priced. Give him a try, I think you will like his services!

Jared D.
Reviewed on 2015-04-28
I had unintentionally deleted data on my Mac formatted external hard drive. I tried recovering the data myself by purchasing an $80 data recovery application. I was able to recover the data, but I also recovered thousands and thousands of useless files. The files I need were mixed with the useless files. It was going to take me days to sort through all of the recovered data. Instead of wasting my time, I decided to get professional help. Sean did a great job of recovering what he could. He also had the tools to quickly sort out all of the useless files. When he was finished he sorted all my data into properly named files and did a great job of explaining to me his process. I should have went to Sean before I tried recovering the data on my own. It would have saved me time, money, and stress.

Annie G.
Reviewed on 2015-04-27
Sean was great! Very professional and called to confirm when he was coming and on his way.

Callie G.
Reviewed on 2015-04-25
Sean replaced my retina screen on my MacBook for less than half of what the Apple Store quoted me to replace it. He said he would have it done in 2 hours, and it was done in 30 minutes. Apple told me that it'd take 2-3 weeks for them to do it. I will absolutely come back to Sean for any and all computer issues, and will also recommend him to anyone needing help. Thanks so much! :)

Tony M.
Reviewed on 2015-04-21
fixed everything super fast turnaround u even got a guarantee outstanding

Courteny W.
Reviewed on 2015-04-21
This man is amazing! I thought I had fried my motherboard, but he installed a new SSD, reinstalled Win 7, recovered all data from my failing hard drive, got me a new power adapter, and even fixed my thermal issues! And for a very reasonable price. AND in only 48 hours! He kept me up to date on everything going on, and went above and beyond the call of duty. My new go-to computer guy.... Best in Indiana, for sure!

Iris O.
Reviewed on 2015-04-21
Good service, he keep checking back to make sure everything is working ok, turn around time is very fast. I will recommend it. My laptop is working a lot bette.

Rou C.
Reviewed on 2015-04-20
It takes very short time when I get back the laptop. He is very nice to explain the problem and give advice. and the cost is reasonable

Nancy S.
Reviewed on 2015-04-09
Sean was very professional yet friendly and helpful. He was very prompt in contacting me and had my computer done within 24 hours. Sean was very reasonable with his rates and very accommodating as far as meeting me in places where I was both comfortable and familiar with. He has kept in touch with me to make sure everything is working. I would definitely refer my family and friends to him.

Morgan L.
Reviewed on 2015-04-08
Sean gave me a quote that was about one-forth of my other quotes, and he finished on budget in 24 hours. He also kept in contact with me regarding questions and updates. My 6 year old laptop is working great! I highly recommend Sean.

April M.
Reviewed on 2015-03-29
Sean did a great job on cleaning up my computer virses. The tune up made it go so much faster. And the price was great as well. I will go back if I have any more problems.

Leah W.
Reviewed on 2015-03-26
Sean removed spyware and upgraded the memory in my MacBook Pro. He was easy to communicate with, worked quickly, and his prices are fair. I would definitely recommend Sean.

Matt E.
Reviewed on 2015-03-10
Sean was an amazing professional to work with. He took a very complicated situation and helped to narrow the possibilities of the the long-term problem. Along the way, he discovered other issues that would have become serious concerns and fixed them as well as the presenting issue I sought his help with. Hiring Sean was a great investment that paid off and I would recommend his expertise to anyone.

Sam W.
Reviewed on 2015-03-08
Sean is amazing he took an annoying virus off my computer, and even made it run faster, he's very quick to and does phenomenal work, would recommend him to anyone and everyone, I now have a working computer !

Brett K.
Reviewed on 2015-03-08
Sean was by far the best option of the 3 PC Techs sent to us by Thumbtack. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and his prices are extremely reasonable. He explained our problem and offered several solutions. We settled on a middle of the road option that seems to work well. I highly recommend Sean

Matt S.
Reviewed on 2015-03-05
Sean is outstanding at what he does. The screen on my laptop broke and within a couple hours of posting on thumbtack he ed with a quote that was far better than any other quotes. He got to work quickly and ordered the new screen immediately. The whole process lasted about a week, but that's because it took a week for the parts to ship. I brought him my laptop and he had it ready for me to pick up within 24 hours. He also kept me updated the entire time with shipping updates, and any problems and suggestions he had. I would definitely recommend.

Michael H.
Reviewed on 2015-02-26
Did more than I ever expected. Saved files I thought were lost forever. Great JOB !

Fumie S.
Reviewed on 2015-02-24
Sean fixed my laptop (replacing the digitizer). He found a cheap replacement piece for me, and he was very quick in his work. The price was reasonable as well.

Kiera M.
Reviewed on 2015-02-22
Outstanding service, I would recommend Sean for any computer issue. Quick, inexpensive, and very accommodating. Job WELL done.

William C.
Reviewed on 2015-02-22

Jurrell W.
Reviewed on 2015-02-22
I recently inquired about a built system from Sean T. The whole process went very smooth. The finished product is great and I am very pleased. He communicates well and lets you know what's going on. I would definitely recommend his services.

John C.
Reviewed on 2015-02-21

Joseph R.
Reviewed on 2015-02-16
Did a complete job at a reasonable price and quickly.

Kathy A.
Reviewed on 2015-02-10
My computer was running very slow and had several viruses and was almost out of room. Sean cleaned the original hard drive and ordered me a new and bigger hard drive. My computer is now running like new. When I retuned home I had problems connecting wirelessly to my network. Sean assisted me in getting back on my network. Sean has a quick turn around and is very reasonable with what he charges. I would highly recommend Sean to work on your computet or assist in a getting a new computer

Basia H.
Reviewed on 2015-02-09
Sean did an awesome job with my laptop. He was very quick, and affordable. He made sure to keep in contact with me throughout the whole process which was very helpful. I look forward to keeping in contact with Sean for any future problems with my pc. Thanks again.

Thea J.
Reviewed on 2015-02-01

Timothy W.
Reviewed on 2015-01-29
Sean was fantastic - great service, excellent communications and great rates. He rescued a damaged Mac laptop in no time at all. Highly recommended!

Meredith R.
Reviewed on 2015-01-26
Sean did a fantastic job replacing the screen on my macbook. Computer looks perfect and was done so efficiently. Best price around and done in 24 hours! Would definitely recommend

Chad P.
Reviewed on 2015-01-25
Sean did a fantastic job helping me build a high-end gaming system. I had very little idea of what components I wanted/needed, and Sean was very knowledgeable about the best bang for buck. He put it altogether, tuned it, and had it ready for me in a very short period time. I came away very impressed and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to put together a custom PC. Thanks again Sean!

Tori R.
Reviewed on 2015-01-20
Sean was awesome. He let me know everything about my order as he knew, and the screen he fixed looks great! I will be recommending him to everyone I know from now on.

Janet L.
Reviewed on 2015-01-14
Sean did an amazing job assessing my computer needs, making recommendations and staying in touch with me while he was waiting on a part to fix my Mac Book. He determined it needed a new logic board and searched for a location with the most affordable price. He got a bad part from a vendor, insisted on sending it back, requested a new one (and kept me posted each step of the way, when it was returned, when they recieved it, when the new part was mailed out etc...) until my computer was fixed and ready for pick up. I was extremely pleased with his service and knowledge and am already making plans for him to clean up 2 other PC's we have. Other places we contacted didn't want to touch fixing our MacBook, Sean almost immediately knew what the issue was before he actually did any diagnostics or took it apart. i found him to be very trustworthy, knowledgeable and affordale. I would recomment him to others.

Alex P.
Reviewed on 2014-12-30
Sean went above and beyond my expectations in regards to both quality of work completed and his professionalism in communicating with me real-time updates. My MacBook Pro froze at start-up and I was worried I might lose all critical files (especially video files). Sean not only restored all data, he fixed my issue and did it at a reasonable price. I would recommend Sean to anyone.

Tiffany S.
Reviewed on 2014-12-29
We had a great experience. Sean was very professional, knowledgeable and patient. We will definitely use him for future needs.

Tony W.
Reviewed on 2014-12-29
I gave Sean my computer with an unknown issue at 4:30 one afternoon, and he had it diagnosed and repaired by 6:30 that same night. He even fixed a few issues I didn't know I had. I highly recommend Sean.

Daniel S.
Reviewed on 2014-12-27
Sean was great to work with and exercised more than a professional attitude and had a great knowledge of laptop and pc workings. His rates were more than reasonable and I look forward to future laptop/pc needs.

Nicholas S.
Reviewed on 2014-12-17
Sean did a great job speeding up my computer and fixing all problems. Great work!!!!

Ken C.
Reviewed on 2014-12-07
I suspect I am like most people: don't understand how the computer works ... just want it to perform. As far as knowledge, service and fair value, Sean sets the standard! Ken C

Sayak M.
Reviewed on 2014-11-25

William H.
Reviewed on 2014-11-22
Sean was excellent to work with. The repair and transaction was seamless. Upon repairing the screen on my 2010 MacBook Pro he provided advise and options for upgrades. I don't mind paying top dollar for great service, his pricing was very reasonable by comparison to other companies. The quality of the work was great.

Sara F.
Reviewed on 2014-11-22
Sean did an amazing job recovering my memories for me. The process took much longer than we expected, but Sean kept me updated throughout the whole process. He recovered everything I needed, was very professional, and most importantly affordable. I would recommend Sean to anyone.

Kathleen S.
Reviewed on 2014-11-21
Excellent Service! He was one of the first responders, made arrangements to get my computer right away and had it back in 48 hours. He was able to restore photographic data that had been inadvertently deleted and installed a new hard drive and memory upgrades -- making a 2009 dated Apple lap top hum again. Plan to have him give our desk top at home an overhaul Highly recommend.

Chris W.
Reviewed on 2014-11-13
Great! Quickly came to the rescue, backed up all files, and fixed the computer.

Steven D.
Reviewed on 2014-11-09
I was looking into building a new gaming computer for myself. Originally i was going to do the work myself and i'm glad I changed my mind and went with Sean. He was great at picking out the parts that fit my budget. He also talked me into a less expensive case that I'm the happiest with. He works fast and knows his stuff. I don't think I could have got a better job from anyone else. I definitely recommend Sean for all your pc care needs! I know I'm going back. thanks for the great job Sean!

Loren M.
Reviewed on 2014-11-07
Diagnose problems with computer hardware and a tune up of the machine to operate better and faster. Sean picked up the computer at 7:00 PM and I received a phone call from him three hours later with results of his review of the machine. I am happy with Sean's work but would suggest not uninstalling a program, even when replacing it with better software, without conferring with his client.

Tim O.
Reviewed on 2014-11-03
Sean was timely, efficient, and reasonably priced. I recommend him very highly.

Kim D.
Reviewed on 2014-10-29
AWESOME!! Right from the start Sean earned his 5 star rating. He gave me a free diagnosis and all possible options for repair on an aging desk top computer. He informed me up front of all pricing to repair a dead power supply and even suggested I upgrade my memory which was full so that I would be able to keep up with to days new and faster programs and applications. Including a warranty. So I could get a few more years out of this thing. He did a comprehensive tune up that made my computer run better than it had in years. He was very quick to respond when I had a question and explained things in a way I could understand. Sean has gone above and beyond with his customer service including offering a link for a discounted Utilities clean up program saving me money. I highly recommend Sean T Custom PC to anybody who need computer service or repair. Or even a build! Sean also offers remote service If you ever get stuck with a problem and cant figure it out yourself. I'm sure I will be taking advantage of that service in the future. For me, Sean was a great find and I have added him to my service contacts list. I have already sent my son to him and he had his laptop fixed in no time and its running great also!! Thanks again Sean!!

Paul W.
Reviewed on 2014-10-29
he was good, and knew what he was doing. great knowledge of the system and problems.

Zach Robson
Reviewed on 2014-10-28
Sean is awesome. I was looking for someone local who was certified and I found just the guy. I scheduled an afternoon in-home appointment with Sean and he showed up right on time, he was very professional as he diagnosed and fixed my incredibly slow desktop full of years of junk. He made it run like new! I'm telling everyone I know about him and I'll be going back to have a custom PC built. Do not hesitate to give this guy a call!

David Y.
Reviewed on 2014-10-21
Sean evaluated the issue. We had a charging problem. He provided input, met with me, pick up the laptop and gave regular updates via the thumbtack application. He determined the issue was the power jack was working ok, that the metal retaining clips were bent not allowing the connection to be made for power. He also discounted some work to review the software and application to protect the computer. This experience is what everyone needs when having computer issues. Sean is friendly and explains things. He worked with me every step of the way when needed, but I know he could also do everything and provide feedback. Sean understands the complex world of personal computing. Will recommend to everyone.

Robert R.
Reviewed on 2014-10-15
This guy rocks!!!!! My system was all screwed-up, took it to Sean, he took care of everything. In less than 24hrs. it's back-up and running better than new. I highly recommend Sean to anyone having problems or wanting a custom system. Sean will be the one to fix me up when I get ready for a new system, no more store bought for me again. Contact him, he won't let you down.

Zs Taxi Service
Reviewed on 2014-10-13
Sean done things on my system I would only dream to learn let along do it so quick and efficient as he did. His prices very fair for the work finished. He done so well I'm having him back for numerous jobs that I'm sure will be amazingly done

Sean P.
Reviewed on 2014-10-05
Amazing work and amazingly quick, told me step by step what was going on and went above and beyond to help me with any problems I had. Will be recommending to others and returning to have a pc built.

Michele M.
Reviewed on 2014-10-05
Outstanding service. Sean is very thorough, knowledgeable and efficient. He even came to my workplace to pick up my laptop. He kept me updated during the process of servicing my computer and was upfront about all the possible outcomes and fees. I ended up paying the agreed upon fee w/ no surprises and when I picked up my laptop, Sean made sure I understood everything that had been done. Overall a very positive experience.

Lisa O.
Reviewed on 2014-10-03
I had a macbook that had a bad LCD and bad track pad. The certified Apple repair shop would not fix it. Sean fixed it really inexpensively and very quickly. It was fixed in 2 days. The macbook runs perfectly and the screen looks amazing! I highly recommend Sean!

Stephanie S.
Reviewed on 2014-09-27
Sean was courteous and provided great service in an efficient and professional manner.

Jessica S.
Reviewed on 2014-09-25
Sean is great! He's very affordable and is available to answer any questions and with great patients! Thanks Sean!

Chris W.
Reviewed on 2014-08-27
Great communication! Top notch components! 5 stars all the way. Don't hesitate to give Sean a call if you want a custom built PC. From first contact to delivered custom machine was about 4 days.

Mimi O.
Reviewed on 2014-08-09
Great! He communicated amazingly with me, with almost immediate responses. He fixed my laptop that was truly in two different pieces and for just $50! He worked quickly and my laptop is good as new. Great work and I'm recommending him to all my friends.

Michael C.
Reviewed on 2014-08-07
Fixed quickly and thoroughly explained what he did. Very happy with work and price

Carl K.
Reviewed on 2014-08-04
Sean reinstalled operating system from scratch and hooked up my wi-fi no problem. His pricing is fair-and much preferable to an hourly rate. I highly recommend him.

Jon W.
Reviewed on 2014-07-27
I had always wanted to build a custom PC, but never knew how. When I started researching people to do custom builds, Sean was recommended. Within two days of contacting Sean, I had a PC design, parts list, and price. All parts were ordered and delivered quickly. Even with a part defect, Sean went out of his way to get a new part so I wouldn't have to wait longer. When picking up the PC, Sean explained how things worked and gave me a quick run down of my PC. Excellent service and very knowledgeable! I would definitely recommend Seans services for any of your PC needs. Will definitely use his services again.

Cole K.
Reviewed on 2014-05-06
Other places were going to charge me an arm and a leg just to diagnose the problem. Sean was able to take a look at my computer give me a diagnosis and a quote all within a short period of time. In less then a week my computer was running better then ever before! I highly recommend Sean's services to anyone with PC issues :)

Pj C.
Reviewed on 2014-04-05
Very professional, easy to talk to, gave a flat rate and stuck to it. Will use again.

Jason R.
Reviewed on 2014-04-03

Darren S.
Reviewed on 2014-01-30
I would just like to strongly recommend Sean’s services to anyone in need of computer repair. I can tell you that my lap top was at first in very bad shape with a nasty virus that was filling up my entire hard drive. But in just one night Sean was able to fix the problem and now my computer is running better than the day I bought it. Also his price was very reasonable as well and he saved me from having to buy a new computer. So I highly recommend using his services should you need any computer related problems solved.

Linda F.
Reviewed on 2014-01-26
Sean did an excellent job. He replaced my screen and fixed a loose connection very efficiently and at a very reasonable price. I will be using him for all of my future computer needs.

Eric J.
Reviewed on 2014-01-09
Sean provided me amazing service. Sean put what was wrong with my computer in English so even I could understand. While providing amazing service and fast response time, he was also the most affordable. Great service that I highly recommend!

Chelsey K.
Reviewed on 2013-11-04
My laptop was not powering up one day, and Sean did a great job of trouble shooting the problem and letting me know ASAP what a good plan of action would be. He had my laptop ready to go within one day of receiving the new part required. He is affordable and works very quickly!

Loren G.
Reviewed on 2013-11-02
My laptop was having issues starting up / loading Windows and Sean sent me a quote on Thumbtack. Sean worked extremely fast and I even had my laptop back the same day I dropped it off! His prices were also very reasonable, not like the big rip off repair companies. It is now working great. Would work with again.

Caitlin N.
Reviewed on 2013-10-12
Sean was prompt, professional and very reasonably priced. He even stayed longer than anticipated to fix some extra glitches on my laptop. I highly recommend Sean's work.

Jay O.
Reviewed on 2013-10-03
I couldnt be happier with Seans work. Very fast and reliable and very reasonable rates. The laptop works excellent now and I would definitley use his services again in the future. Thank you Sean!!

Derrick K.
Reviewed on 2013-09-24
Sean was very knowledgable and prompt with his responses. He has some of the best rates I have found and would recommend him to anyone in needs of computer repair.

Ross B.
Reviewed on 2013-09-23
I had a computer built to assist me in my animation courses and I cannot say enough good things about it, its a fantastic looking computer that does everything I need it to and more, I would recommend Sean for any computer related needs.

Elaine A.
Reviewed on 2013-08-03
Sean was a huge help! I called HP support to help with a problem I was having with my desktop, but they couldn't fix it -- but Sean fixed it in no time! Great guy to work with!

Crystal K.
Reviewed on 2013-07-27
Sean was great! He helped me fix my computer that was completely dead. He first diagnosed it as a failed power supply. He bought the power supply ahead of time, as he thought it was likely the issue (so that he wouldn't have to make multiple trips). He came to my house, installed the new power supply, and had my computer up and running very quickly. Thanks Sean!

Thomas K.
Reviewed on 2013-07-08
Sean showed up right on time and fixed EVERY PROBLEM I through at him. He was VERY REASONABLE on the price, and I will definately call on him when more computer problems arise. He was a very good listener, and very patient ! A+

Mitchell J.
Reviewed on 2013-07-03
Sean is an amazing dude! Anything to do with electronics this man will know everything about. He is in the progress of building me a custom computer and I cant wait to see it when its done. Only go to this man for everything!

Scott B.
Reviewed on 2013-02-14
Sean diagnosed and fixed my non-booting Gateway "XP" PC. He arrived on time for an evening apt after calling to confirm an hour before. He was very professional and personnel as he talked to me while working. Explaining everything as he went and offering suggestions while not pushing anything. Sean took about 1 1/2 hrs to fix and tune up my pc which is running great now. Sean was also very affordable and I will have him back to further upgrade my system and work on other laptops I have. I would highly recommend Sean's work!